Funeral Home vs. Cremation Society

Cremation, like electric cars and cell phones is here to stay. For some people cremation is part of their religious practice. For other people, cremation just feels right for them. The big question is who should help you with your cremation, a society or a funeral director? Cremation Societies specialize in what is called a … Read more

Let the Son Shine!

Revelation 1:16b His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. “My eyes know that it is the sun in the picture but my mind says it looks like the Son.” Words of encouragement, remember when you have cloudy days that the Son is still shining on you!

Vows that Last Forever

We laid a beautiful soul to rest next to her husband on what would’ve been their 64th wedding anniversary and only one year after his passing. For this special couple, not even death could keep them apart. #lastinglove #honoringmemories

It’s a Fresh New Day

The caption on my wedding invitations was, “It’s a fresh new day, and it is ours.” Each day is truly a gift! #newdaynewstart #strengthrenewed I had an opportunity to visit with a couple of girlfriends this week.  We chatted about our kids and the insanity of our schedules.  We laughed because as much as we wanted school … Read more

Peer Recovery Zone

This week marks Suicide Prevention Week, a week long observance of the mental health crisis that continues to devastate our communities across the nation. Grief often manifests itself in many forms and some are more serious than others. But there’s help! Peer Recovery Zone is just one of the organizations that provide a safe, supportive … Read more

Random Acts

February 24, 2019 will go down in many of our minds as one of the worst blizzards we’ve seen on our life times.  Winds gust 50 miles per hour, snow fell for hours at a rate of one inch per hour.  Just as we were hoping to see the first signs of spring in the … Read more


March 31, 2015, the phone rang and all I remember hearing is, “Liz, we have your dad and we think he’s having a heart attack…” I couldn’t remember details beyond those words. I raced to the hospital a couple of blocks away beating the ambulance transporting Dad from Elma to New Hampton.  The doctors worked … Read more

Breaking Through the Midwinter Blahs with Flowers

It’s mid-winter in Northeastern Iowa. Temps have plummeted to dangerous depths, our landscape is dull and lifeless and we’re beginning to feel the full effects of “Cabin Fever.”  I’ve kept fresh bouquets in my bedroom this winter. But why? #Flowers are used to convey all kinds of #Emotions and intentions. But, if you think about it, do flowers offer a … Read more

Spring Cleaning

We’ve all heard the term, “Spring Cleaning.” In fact, as the weather starts warming up, I’m sure you’re starting to do a bit of it already.  But have you heard of the Swedish practice of death cleaning? It’s a practice for decluttering your life as you age. Decluttering can make us happier, less stressed, and … Read more