It’s a Fresh New Day

The caption on my wedding invitations was, “It’s a fresh new day, and it is ours.” Each day is truly a gift! #newdaynewstart #strengthrenewed

I had an opportunity to visit with a couple of girlfriends this week.  We chatted about our kids and the insanity of our schedules.  We laughed because as much as we wanted school to start we were physically and mentally exhausted from running to practices, games, and meetings… And that was just for the kids.  Each of us own or manage a business with unique demands in the fields of expertise.  Then something special happened.  We talked about how we cope with the stress of each day and opened up about our own ways of dealing with that stress.  Some of us workout, go to the chiropractor, sing, and we all agreed that visiting with each other was one of the biggest reliefs, because it was in talking that we learned we weren’t alone in our angst.  Each one of us felt it in our own ways and some days clung to the very hope of a renewed day.

Listen, I know you’re tired, worried, sick, and grief stricken… But you’re NOT alone!  This isn’t just your battle to go through on your own.  There are days when our exhaustion overwhelms us and we want nothing more than to turn inward and fight silently.  It’s in those moments when speaking up will not only renew your hope, but lighten your load.  So whether you run, walk, skip, jump, sing, yodel, hike, bike, or visit, just do it!  Call a friend to join you and when all else fails, pray, get some rest and with a new day comes new strength and hope.  

It’s a fresh new day!  Make it yours!